September 16, 2013 Celebrating 10 years in Indonesia…!!

Celebrating 10 years in Indonesia…!!

From not knowing the language to being fluent

From going to find one soul to preach the gospel to to having events for 1,000’s each year

From opening a home group to opening a Bible College

From staying in a church dormitory to building a Youth Home

From everything looking strange and feeling lost to driving around daily in a city of 3 million

From no churches wanting me as the preacher to preaching on national TV

From starting as a missionary to sending my own missionaries out

It’s already been one decade working together.. a beautiful journey experiencing God do marvelous things!

Watch this special 10 year message:

Thank you to all of you who have taken part!
Susan Joy

(P.S. If any of you have seen the Volcano erupting on the news… just to let you know I am now living in a city 2 hours away. However, please pray for that city as my Youth Team/Home and many friends are still there.. thank you!!)

July 17, 2013 Graduation = Celebration

Hoping you are all enjoying the beautiful summer! .. I definitely am!
Before leaving Indonesia for my month of July in North America we had some really great events; one of them being our Graduation!

Graduation day always feels like a big celebration, and this year was no different. It was our 3rdgraduating class and we had 10 students step out as graduates, many of which will be sent to the mission field in a few months. And also we rejoiced as our 30 first year students received their certificate and will move up to the 2nd year in October.

always a day of mixed emotions for me. I am so happy to see my 2nd years graduate and I can already imagine the great things they will be doing for God in the future. But, at the same time I am sad as the training process is over and I won’t be with them everyday but watching them from a distance.

When I take a step back and look at all of this, I am amazed. God has entrusted me with 40 amazing students.. I even see myself multiplied 40x over in them! In fact, they are going out and doing even greater things than I have! What a joy. What an honor. What a beautiful life thing it is do what Jesus told us to.. go and make disciples of all nations.

Please pray for us as we have taken the much needed step to move out of our current building, but do not yet have a new building to move into.. God will provide. Please pray we find the place He has provided soon!

Thank you…! Be blessed…!
Susan Joy

July 1, 2013 Healings in Siborongborong!

I am writing this on Canada day.. so, to all of my Canadian friends.. Happy Canada Day! In one week from today I will be flying out to Canada for my yearly visit.. very excited!

June was such a busy month I haven’t even had a chance to tell you about Siborongborong! I thank God for all of your prayers and support that was with us. We had a great event including a Miracle Festival in the open field and also a seminar for Pastors and leaders.

A day before the event  I arrived in Siborongborong after travelling all day to a church full of young people who were very excited to be trained up to take part of the festival. After training they were ready to stay up all night and practice dramas for the event, and the next day after school they ran to the church to fill up our speaker car to go around advertising! I love seeing young people excited for souls!

Each night of the festival a crowd gathered and heard the gospel being preached. The first night I preached a message on not just physically blind eyes being opened, but also spiritually. We had many testimonies of healing come up on the stage. One of my favorite testimonies was a young woman who had been healed from 7 years of difficulty breathing, 1 year of back pain, and her ‘broken heart’. She explained how she been full of bitterness and hatred for years. She had been looking for an answer and she found it that night on the field; God’s love! She suddenly realized that she no longer hated people anymore.. her heart had been changed! Another was an elderly man who told me he had put his knee out 5 years ago and had been in pain since. But as we were celebrating the earlier testimony I looked over and this grandpa was jumping higher than me! After this testimony the crowded got so excited they all started jumping like him and praising God!!

The second night I preached on how God does not just heal us or forgive us, but His ultimate plan was to pour His spirit into us! Again, I gave an opportunity for the crowd to receive Jesus.. and it was a beautiful sweet presence. Just as we prayed there was a soft rain and wind just for those moments, like the soft presence of the spirit coming down.. and so many people wept in the crowd. And, again, healing testimonies covered the stage. There was 2 women on stage both testifying how they had suffered for a long time from ulcers. But as we prayed they literally felt something happening inside of them. Before they even finished a 15 year old girl, Lidia also joined them. She broke into tears as she shared that she had been sick for 9 years, already hospitalized for a month and doctors told her she would suffer for the rest of her life. But, on the field, she felt God touch her. I could just see how this young girl’s life was changed forever.. and she could feel it too. After the event she came running back up on the stage to hug me. She hadn’t just received a healing, she’d received a beautiful calling.

The crowd didn’t want to go home.. 11pm and they were still jumping and down and praising God! We however, needed to go as we were driving through the night to make it to a different city to preach in the morning. God was with us in a powerful way on the road and saved us from a very near death experience. I thought I was actually going into heaven, but.. as I expected, He’s still got a lot for me to do here on earth first!

Thank you so much for taking part!
Susan Joy

(for more pictures you can see the whole album: “Siborongborong Festvival” on facebook)

Join me in my North American tour if you are in one of the nearby locations:

July 14th – Bridgeway Community Church, Rockford, MI

July 21st – Oasis Church, Duncan, BC

July 22-27 – Cowichan River Bible Camp, Duncan, BC

July 28th – Calgary Pentecostal Church, Sussex, NB

July 29-Aug 1st – in Knoxford area, NB

Aug 4th – Toronto International Celebration Church, Toronto, ON


June 11, 2013 75 families are reached for the first time!

Can you picture a very poor village in Indonesia? A village near the ocean and the houses are just shacks built up on land they don’t own. Each family gets by as the man of the household spends most of his time on the water trying to get a big catch of fish. But, they never seem to get enough. Most of the children never graduate from school, but from a young age start working to help the family get by. The families are 100% Muslim and are known for being the most radical in their religion. The name of Jesus has never been brought to them before…  picture that sad scene .. but, something beautiful happened in that village!

It was one of the proudest moments I have had since I opened this Bible College a few years ago. Once we arrived in the village. I saw every student working so hard. There was amazing unity as the truck full of supplies was quickly unloaded, sorted and set up. 75 families of the village were excited and already there waiting for us to start. The crowd was big and impatient, the sun was scorching hot, the work was much and it feel a bit chaotic and crazy.. but, one by one the students took the families and helped them chose clothes and items that they needed. And then, one by one, they sat down with them and shared the gospel with them.

I had kind of expected to see people upset, storming out, rejecting the students, or even all of us kicked out of the local health clinic we were using. But, I stood amazed, as one by one, each family came out happy as ever! I saw students praying over the sick, proclaiming Jesus, even praying with some to receive salvation!

The history books say that no one can reach these people, “it is too difficult”, “impossible”, “they are too hard.” Yet, I saw it happen with my own eyes! And on the way home all we could say was.. “wow! That was so EASY!” God had truly gone before us and opened the way!

Many of our students were invited back. And .. the wonderful news is that some have gone back and followed up the families! Now we are opening up home groups in this area to truly disciple the people! One of our home groups already has 10 members praying in Jesus’ name!

Thank you for you prayers… we are truly seeing great change take place! We have graduation in a week.. I believe these students are ready to go out and bring great impact! We are raising a great army of gospel carriers!!

At the end of this week I have another event.. We have been working together with local churches in the city of Siborong-borong for months now preparing a large miracle festival and pastor’s seminar! We are so excited to bring the gospel to 1,000’s and train up the local churches to continue on the work. We will see incredible miracles take place.. because we will be proclaiming what Jesus has done!!

Your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated!

Bring the light into the darkness!!
susan joy

May 26, 2013 Let’s pray for each other.. !

Later this week I’ll be taking all of our students into one of Indonesia’s unreached people groups. We’ve collected household things and clothing to be able to provide for one whole village that is 100% Muslim. Those 75 families live by fishing and are incredibly poor. They suspect everyone who comes into the area is going to kick them out of the shacks they have built on land they don’t own. But, we are coming for an entirely opposite purpose – to share God’s love with them! This will probably be the first time these 75 families have ever heard about Jesus..!!

We’ve had some really beautiful times in the school in the past few weeks. God has really been touching each student personally, revealing His love in fresh ways. (pictures included of our prayer day, and a few of our costume day. Yes.. we have fun too. haha) I am just in awe and overjoyed to see it! Lives being changed to go out and change others!

I’m asking for your prayers for the following:

- Our outreach to Pana Hijau (the 75 poor Muslim, unreached families). May 31st: pray that their hearts would be ready to receive the gospel. That we can start a lasting work there among those families to disciple them. And pray for us to have boldness and wisdom to share Jesus. For miracles to take place.

- My ministry and TV taping in Jakarta. June 8-9th: I want to really speaks words that our needed to be heard in this nation. God’s timely words full of revelation and power.

- Outreach for 1,000’s in Siborong-borong along with Seminar for Leaders. June 14-15th: For many to come, good weather, everything we need coming together, miracles to take place and prove the gospel, for salvation to take place in great numbers and the churches to immediately act on it. And for their mindsets to be opened and renewed in the seminar.

- Our last 3 weeks of school and Graduation. June 22nd: that each one of our students would be able to attend and receive the most they can during this time. That as they graduate they are stepping out into their callings!

- For our school to be able to find a new place that is really needed. If possible, by the end of June. It is a big step.. But, our God is a big God!

- Please also pray for the finances that are needed to do all of these things! Stand with me, thanking God that He is always true to His promises! He never fails.. and He will provide more than enough!

Thank you for taking part!

And.. now that I’ve asked you to pray for me.. please send me your prayer requests today and I will pray for you!

Your partner on the other side of the world,
susan joy

April 27, 2013 Hi from Kenya!

Jambo! Greetings from Nairobi!

The last time I wrote I shared how our 2nd year class was going on a mission trip with our graduates (who are now on the mission field) and there would be lots of testimonies! Was there ever!! In fact, our first day back in school we dedicated to a day of testimonies from alumni (coming back from other nations or the missions within Indonesia), 2nd years on their mission trip, and the whole school who had done a village outreach.. half an hour past school was supposed to be out I had to go up to the front and stop them from testifying! There was just too many to share!!

I am extremely proud of our missionaries that we have sent out! Reading their testimonies is like reading the Book of Acts. In a few days after I arrive back home in Indonesia I am going to visit them.. excited to hear even more!

The past two weeks in Kenya has been wonderful!

I taught every morning in World Impact Bible Institute East Africa.What a joy it was to pour into those students who will be finishing their program next week! The more I taught, the more inspired I got too! And I could feel many of them called to other nations.. it was a pleasure to spend so much time with them! So blessed to be able to train up World Changers, in other nations of the world!

And, in the afternoons I was busy too: speaking in a Youth Conference, Evangelism Training, visiting families in the slums, Revival Meetings in the village, visiting Children’s Home, and more! Every opportunity of ministry I had was a blessing because the people here are so open.They really received the word and their response to Jesus really touched my heart! Especially to see the youth inspired to let Jesus live big in them, as they worshipped him with their hands on their heart and tears in their eyes..

I am soon travelling back to Indonesia.. and excited to be going “home”! Lots to do! May and June will be very full: visiting my missionaries, teaching 2 courses in our Bible College, a large outreach and seminar in another city, ministry in the Capital city and taping another 10 TV shows, evangelism events with our school, and so much more!

All of this is made possible by your prayers and support… !

I am inspired to do even more, take even bigger steps, reach even more nations..! I really appreciate you taking part in this with me. I know I am not alone.. but as I step out, so many of you are coming along with me, helping me along!




03/24/2013 March News and Easter Thoughts

Happy Easter!

Here’s a little update of what has been going on..

I spent most of March teaching in our school. I taught 3 courses: Biblical Preaching, Book of Acts and Healing. I really enjoyed all my time with my students and imparting all I could into them. And the best part was seeing them really take what they have learned and do it!

Earlier this week our students all took part in doing an outreach in a village for 2 nights. They shared the gospel and prayed for the sick. Praise God! Miracles took place! And many adventures as well, beyond the usual rain, power outages, cars breaking down, etc, was also the fact that this village is only accessible by foot! The students had to walk on hanging bridges over huge ravines.. but they did it. And loved it!

Actually I wasn’t able to attend that event, which is great. Why? Because it means I was able to give all planning and co-ordinating, dramas, music, praying for the sick, and everything else over to my students! And it feels so good to be able to do that! And, an even bigger step is next week when our second year class will go on a missions trip for a week without me as well! Taking things to a whole new level! I can’t wait to hear all the testimonies from that trip!

We had another event in the village of Lingga a few weeks ago as well! (pictures below) It was great to do another event with my youth team,” d’Rev “(The Revolution). During the salvation prayer and worship afterward I looked down to see many of the young people crying.. touched by God’s love for them.

And.. we have more outreaches already lined up for the months to come!

I’ll be travelling to Kenya in April to teach in our WIBI (World Impact Bible Institute) there! I’m so excited to go and impart into students in another continent! (my 3rd continent so far this year!) It’s been exactly 10 years since I did my first missions trip in Kenya. I never imagine then that I would return one day.. as a full time missionary. Wow.. God’s ways are just awesome!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday! May it be blessed and meaningful! As you celebrate this weekend think about what it says it 1 John 4:9-10. God’s love was manifested when He was willing to sacrifice His only son, His most prized possession for you, to redeem you from your sins. There is no need to ever question His love again. It has been proven once and for all. Take some time to meditate on that love… that perfect, outstanding love.

Celebrating Jesus,
Susan Joy

If you would like to be a part of the upcoming outreaches you can send donations to World Impact Ministries at 190 Railside Rd, Toronto, ON M3A 1A3 with an included memo that it is for Susan Hoover. (416) 497-4940. Thank you for taking part!


02/27/2013 3 Short, MUST-READ Testimonies

Hope you are blessed and inspired by these testimonies. The God working these miracles  in Indonesia is the same God working for you today!

1. A few weeks ago I got a message from our missions team. Their whole city was being destroyed by a fire. The fire was being pushed by the wind and was totally unstoppable. 100 houses were already burned and the city was in a state of panic. I told the team to stay calm and use their authority from Jesus; either to command the fire into the sea or command rain to come. The fire was already next door to the pastor’s house. Our team gathered together, holding hands, in the midst of the crowds and the panic, and prayed for the rain. And as they finished their prayer the rain began to pour down! The wind also changed, pushing the fire into the sea. The city (including the pastor’s house, most of all the Christian’s houses and our mission base) was saved! What an awesome experience.. an awesome God!!

2. The fire experience seemed to give new fire to our missions team there. They are spending every day morning to night sharing the gospel. And last night they were reaching a local witchdoctor. Many people have come to this witchdoctor to be healed. But when she herself got sick she couldn’t heal herself and didn’t know what to do. Our team came with the good news of Jesus! And last night this witchdoctor decided to believe on and receive Jesus!

3. A few weeks ago we set up a Miracle crusade in a village. We involved around 20 students each night. And one of our alumni set up the event and preached the 2nd night. I had just started teaching healing in the school. So, it was a perfect opportunity for the students to go out and do it! And healing and miracles really took place! At some points the crowd was literally jumping up and down for joy as testimony after testimony flooded the stage. Those who had been seriously ill for 3, 5, 10 even 15 years were healed! Some testified of going to many doctors and even witchdoctors but no one could heal them.. but Jesus did!(pics below) One grandma got a double miracle as her insides were healed and then, as she demonstrated her sight, after being blind for 3 years, the crowd exploded with joy.  (pic below) However, out of all the testimonies (too many to name) the one that was most memorable was Ebenezer, a 15 year old boy who was born mute. (pic below) His mother stood on stage, her face glowing, her smile as big as it could be as she told the crowd “for the first time ever I heard my boy speak tonight!” Ebenezer, also smiling, proudly demonstrated to the crowd his very first word, “Yesus!”

And .. there are more miracles to come!

Please pray for our next outreach event on Friday!

Thank you for taking part…!
Your partner,
Susan Joy


02/13/2013 Events every 2nd weekend!?!

It’s been a great start to 2013!

I started 2013 off teaching for two weeks in WIBI Canada, loved it! And then returned to teaching in WIBI Indonesia.. yes, I love it here too. It’s been great.. and.. we’ve been planning!!

There’s so much going on in the next few months!

On this Friday and Saturday I will be working together with students and alumni to do a Miracle Festival in Muslim Village. It’s so exciting! It will doubly awesome to see miracles happen, people coming to know Jesus, and students really experiencing God as they do it!

And then.. we have events planned for every 2nd weekend! Woohoo! We are packing in as much as we possibly can!

Really appreciate your prayers for us this weekend.. and on! (I’ll be sending testimonies soon)

Live out your dreams!
Susan Joy

Below is just 2 pictures..
- with WIBI students in Canada after my 2 weeks of teaching
- in the prostitution village with those I ministered to a few years ago.. it was a touching reunion. And beautiful to see how their lives have been changed! Awesome…

And, another article I wrote for Charisma Magazine Indonesia is attached.


01/17/2013 Video of 2012…and more!!

Looking back at 2012 is pretty amazing… take 3 minutes to go through it with me in this short video:

Starting off a new year is a really exciting thing! I was so blessed to be able to start mine off in Canada with friends and family! And then continue on with teaching in World Impact Bible Institute, Toronto for 2 weeks.

Going back to Indonesia with a new excitement and many plans! It’s going to be an incredible year.. I have no doubts about that!

I’m looking into 2013 with the incredible promises that are written in Isaiah 45:2-3. It is so relaxing and exciting when know God is going before you and preparing your way.. We just walk along with Him and enjoy it!

2012 ended off with some really beautiful things taking place.

Before our bible college students took their exams we had a small Christmas celebration together. There was such an atmosphere of joy as we sang. I have never seen people jump and dance around to Christmas carols like that before. Haha. The students put on a small drama that had us all laughing. And then we spent some time in worship and prayer… I prayed over the students and their holiday that as we celebrated Jesus we would take Him to our families and villages so that they could celebrate Him too.  But the most amazing part of the day to me was when the students brought in their special friend. He was a Muslim man they had met in the hospital a month beforehand. They had sent me a picture that day.. of this man laying on a hospital bed, who looked a breath away from death. After they prayed over him he felt Jesus touch his body. He received Jesus into his heart and wanted to learn all he could about Jesus from that moment on. He’d come to our classes a few times. That day he walked up to the front of our Christmas service as new man, no longer facing death, now with new hope. As he began to sing an old song “ku mau cinta Yesus” (I want to love Jesus forever) the tears started to stream out of my eyes..  It was so beautiful how a life can be changed. And after school I saw a group of students start doing a discipleship group with him.. I couldn’t have been any prouder.  (pics attachted!)

I went through a lot of tough things in 2012.. but through it all, I have discovered His faithful love, never failing, never ending, always leading us through. And as low as the low points may have been, the higher ones got higher and higher.

Thank you so much for supporting me through another year.. so blessed by all of you!

Enjoy your walk of 2013!!

Susan Joy